Today, our company has a very strong EMS Division. Currently, we have 29 Maryland Certified Emergency Medical Technicians; several of these individuals have received their National Registry Certification. There are 15 advanced life support providers including Paramedics and Cardiac Rescue Technicians.
During 2004 our company line officers met with the Pittsville Volunteer Fire Company and discussed going to -24- hour coverage within the two districts. Both companies were very receptive, therefore the hiring process began. Our company hired two full time Paramedics and Pittsville hired two full time Paramedics as well. A 2004 Ford Expedition is used as a Paramedic Chase unit for our Paramedic. Pittsville uses a 2013 Ford Explorer.
If you are interested in joining our company as an EMS provider please use the 'Contact Us' button on our home page navigation bar.

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